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Why should I use the CFONI service?

Do you have a business with international sales?

Buy a local phone number from us in the country you want to sell your products or services to. Showing a local number close to the customer at your web site increases your credibility and sales. It also lessens charge backs, since customers more easily can reach you in case they have a concern.

The cost is negligible since the numbers only cost from RM8.00 per month. Global call forwarding costs like a local call.

Do you make international business calls?

Use our Android or iPhone app to make international business calls at the cost of local calls. The person you call sees your regular mobile number – or your International CFONI number – if you prefer to show that.

Do you want to get a professional front-end for your business?

Having a local good looking business phone number that gets answered with a professional voice response, with call forwarding to your mobile, naturally gives a great impression and builds trust.

Our service can help you with this both abroad and in your home country.

Or do you simply need a phone number?

Our customers actually use our service in more ways than we can imagine. Here are some examples.

  • A call centre in the Malaysia raised the answer rate on outbound calls with over 200%  by having phone numbers from us in each Malaysia state they called to. Customers don’t answer calls from toll free numbers or long distance calls – but they answer if the call is local.

  • When your children study aboard You can buy a local number for children, when they are at their location you can simply make intercom call to your kids with No charge at all, with both of you are calling each other by extension, just like office intercom

  • A business that help you save up to 50% from your daily outgoing calls Our Call rate are charge base on second, instead what all the market is charging, we charge RM 0.09/min if you call for 30sec. we only charge you that 30sec., nothing more nothing less. And month lease fee as low as RM 8.00/month.

  • A local entrepreneur in Philippines sells a Cloud Office services to small businesses. When his customers’ needs an international phone number, he gets it from CFONI.

  • A Japan  IT services company having a local number for their customers to call – with call forwarding to the mobiles of their employees. The purpose is to make it cheaper for their customers to reach them.

  • A local Laundry service that uses our Cloud Call Centre to help them monitor their customer service agent performance and efficiency, by having a daily report to be email to the boss, where they do not need to have an office, all their agent are working from home.  

  • local virtual office provider, getting Cloud Office service from CFONI and sell it to their client with local number and fax number.

  • A local entrepreneur setup company with no office and having local number for their customer to reach them over mobile app or call forward to their mobile, with voice respond “ thank you for call company ABC, press 1 for sales…”