Cloud Call Centre Solutions

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Cloud Call Centre Solutions

CFONI has always been focusing on cloud solution “pay as you use” model to help businesses to optimize their operation cost. Many people know Call Centre Solution, but have not heard of Cloud Call Centre solution. Today we would like to take this opportunity to introduce Cloud Call Centre Solution.

What is Cloud Call Centre Solution? It is as simple as moving your current setup into the cloud. Many traditional Call Centre Solution need to get a big office space, setup a Call Centre system and begin their work round the clock. Traditionally, a Call Centre would involve investing in all the infrastructure, technology and solutions. However, with the Cloud, organisations can deploy these solutions using a more agile budget and avoiding the costly infrastructure expenses., and manage all their staffs with a customer service manager, to ensure service quality and productivity for their clients.

Cloud Call Centre Solution provides a fixable system that helps you optimize all your operation cost. As this system sit on the cloud, that mean you can get your staff to work from home, all they need to do, is to have internet at home and an IP phone or softphone installed. Customer service manager can monitor them through a single screen on how many staff are online, how many calls are pick up and how many unanswered call and how soon can they pick up a call? And most importantly to ensure all SLA are met. A full detail report can be sent to the management of the staff performance.

How does this work? Cloud Call Centre Solution simply make it easy for every business to adopt this concept, it’s give you the flexibility to add or remove DID, extension and channel as and when you have new staff joining or staff leaving the company. Cloud-based Call Centre Solutions offer a building block approach, which means additional functionality can be turned on as and when require and "pay as you use" model. Simply email us the request. It’s that simple.

So hurry, contact us to find out more detail. [email protected] or +603 2770 2510