Cloud Office Solution

Cloud Office Solution is an Internet-based voice and data communication that replace traditional PABX system in your office. How it works?


Step 1 : Get a local landline


Step 2 : After signing up, we will provide you a package(a local number, a channel and one extension), and you may add-on IVR (voice respond), call recording, etc…


Now you have a local landline number wherever you go. If switching to new office, just simply unplug the LAN cables on the phones and plug-in LAN cable in new office.


For example, if you have 5 staffs, you just need to buy 5 channels (concurrent call) and 5 extensions for each of them, and yes, you will need a IP phone to make call and receive calls. The function of the channel is to confirm how many concurrent calls had made at the same time. Extension is an extension number that someone can transfer call to you (e.g.101).


“All We Need is Your Office’s Internet Accessibility!”


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Conduct voice meeting via CFONI Cloud system which just dial in the extension anytime and anywhere.


Call Forwarding

Pre-set call forwarding. In the event when the connection is down, extension busy, line unavailable, unanswered calls, the calls will direct forward to your personal mobile number.


Ring Group

Organise calls in a better way where you can customize which extension number to be rang in your departments.



Manage calls in a more efficient way by providing the waiting time, current queue number and at the same time, marketing your product. 


IVR (interaction voice response)

Customize your own automated voice answering machine for greeting, menu selection and operating hours. Systematically routing customers to the extension or department they wish to reach.


Voice Recordings

Calls are all been recorded in the system, you can download it into a file and playback all voice calls. Essential business pack for all working and compliance purposes.


User Panel Portal

Detailed call history (status of inbound/outbound calls, start date and time to end date and time, call charges)