Softphone and Mobile App

Softphone that install  on your Desktop or Laptop and Mobile

Supported OS: Windows  Mac, Linux

Mobile App

Supported OS: Android and iOS  

A Softphone and Mobile App can be used together to provide users with a flexible and convenient way to make and receive calls from anywhere using their mobile device. This combination of software applications allows users to take advantage of the features of both platforms, including the mobility of a mobile device and the functionality of a softphone.

Many businesses use Softphone and Mobile App technology to enable their employees to work remotely, allowing them to stay connected and productive while on-the-go. Additionally, Softphone and Mobile App technology can be used to reduce the costs associated with traditional phone lines, making it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes.

Softphone and Mobile App technology provides users with a flexible and convenient way to make and receive calls from anywhere using their mobile device. This technology is widely used by businesses to enable remote work and reduce communication costs.

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Mobile App

3 months free trial ! Mobile App empowers you to communicate and work better. As part of our Unified Communication package, Mobile App is a versatile soft phone that revolutionizes communications in modern workplaces.What can Mobile App do for you? Simplify and enhance business communications; Save time and money spent on communications; Encourage collaboration and productivity;  What can you do with Mobile App? - Make and receive calls for less or free; - Transfer or hold calls; - Receive a ‘call back’ if VoIP call quality is not satisfactory; - Enjoy the same features and benefits at your desk, at home, or even across the world; - Access and manage voicemail; - Quickly view and use all company contacts; - Use with Bluetooth headset; - Add users to favourites for easier access;   Download User Guide for Android   Download User Guide for iOS..


Softphone for PC

Softphone Business Edition brings more power, flexibility and efficiency for businesses and corporate clients.It provides advanced Unified Communications experience with all the communication tools that a business could need or wish for. Virtually instant deployment and user friendly GUI will make you love Softphone.The ultimate efficiency in business communicationsSoftphone Business Edition is a unified communications tool of immense capabilities. You may finally rely on a single application to handle your entire day-to-day communication. We made you a cocktail of high quality Voice and Video calls, Conferencing (Static and Dynamic), Instant messaging, faxing, file sharing, CRM integration, Outlook integration, and a couple of secret ingredients. Sit back and enjoy a successful day!High quality softphone, full control over all callsDesign of the SoftPhone provides a dialpad similar to a standard VoIP desk phone, with slightly improved layout and functionality. The wide variety of features and actions provided by SoftPhone are perfectly suited to modern, computerized communication. Your desk phone is simply not needed anymore. Manage all aspects of your calls visually. No more hass..