Softphone for PC

Softphone for PC

Softphone Business Edition brings more power, flexibility and efficiency for businesses and corporate clients.

It provides advanced Unified Communications experience with all the communication tools that a business could need or wish for. Virtually instant deployment and user friendly GUI will make you love Softphone.

The ultimate efficiency in business communications

Softphone Business Edition is a unified communications tool of immense capabilities. You may finally rely on a single application to handle your entire day-to-day communication. We made you a cocktail of high quality Voice and Video calls, Conferencing (Static and Dynamic), Instant messaging, faxing, file sharing, CRM integration, Outlook integration, and a couple of secret ingredients. Sit back and enjoy a successful day!

High quality softphone, full control over all calls

Design of the SoftPhone provides a dialpad similar to a standard VoIP desk phone, with slightly improved layout and functionality. The wide variety of features and actions provided by SoftPhone are perfectly suited to modern, computerized communication. Your desk phone is simply not needed anymore. Manage all aspects of your calls visually. No more hassle over dialing a number published on a web page or contained in an email. Access your voicemail inbox instantly and transfer calls directly to desired extensions. With Softphone everything is simple as a click.

Switch between calls or conferences, easily manage and monitor calls in your company

Softphone allows a user to use all unified comms and standard comms features. Create and control dynamic conference calls on any SIP phone or SoftPhone. Convert two way calls into conference call, and add as many participants (dynamic conferencing). Use drag & drop to easily add a third person into your phone call conversation. The added person receives a call and upon answering the will join the conference call. You can add as many other users you want.

Supported Platforms 

Apple OS X 10.10 Yosemite and above 

Windows 10/8.1/8/7 SP1/Vista SP2 

Ubutu Linux 16.04 64 bit and above

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1 license on Windows, Mac or Linux
RM 20/Month

RM 240/Year

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