Cloud Phone Systems for remote workers

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Cloud/Hosted Telephony is quickly become the number one way many businesses are choosing to go when it comes to deciding the future of their business telecoms and any event of any pandemic like the current Cvoid-19 situation. Cloud-based business phone systems are built to support those looking for more flexible working conditions such as remote workers and provides direct connectivity for employees outside of their main locations.


One key to making home working a success for business is to ensure communication channels are effective. Both the employer and employees need to feel connected as of the biggest fears employers have with remote workers is the lack of communication and resources that are available to those working in the office.


Cloud Phone Systems deliver business phone extensions to any employee, anywhere that acts as one seamless system. Your work, home, and mobile phone can all be accessed through one phone number, so you can always stay connected to the office, giving you ultimate portability. Wherever you use your phone, even overseas, you will be able to make internal office calls for free or dial to another Malaysia telephone number at local call rates.


By keeping communications and expectations consistent, managers of geographically diverse teams can build relationships that bridge the distance.


With Cloud/Hosted Telephony you can avoid the excess costs and complexities of on-premise solutions and remove the headache often associated with the maintenance and servicing of telecoms equipment. This is because as an end user you get greater control of your own telecoms platforms. You can effectively administrate your own system or Manage the system for you through a Web Based User Interface, giving you the ability to control entire telecoms infrastructure across multiple sites.


Cloud telephony is the future for high performance, success, efficiency and cost-effective business telephone systems. Our Cloud phone systems offer many different features designed to help your business be more efficient and deliver superior customer experience every time.


Cloud phone systems are ideal for those workers seeking the work/life balance more than ever before.


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