Why use Cloud Office Solution compare traditional phone

Posted by Editor 13/03/2020 0 Comment(s)

Many people do not know why we need to switch to Cloud PBX instead of traditional office phone. With 3 simple reason, Complementary Features, Easy to Install & Migrate, and Cost saving.


Complementary features

Cloud PBX are so fixable that people can add an extension and channel anytime no hardware installation, no waiting time, just one click away. It’s has the full feature of what the traditional PBX system can do and do even more, you can simple bring your phone to overseas as long as they are internet access in your hotel or home. Feature like call forwarding, conference call or even call recording are available in today Cloud PBX system, it is because they are cloud base (internet base), and so they are no geographical restriction.


Easy to install and migrate

Today offices are not only base in office building but also on the move and even work from home, with Cloud PBX system, you can simply install an App on your smart phone, and the calls will follow wherever you go. Some business even move to new office place but would like remain they old office number, this is possible with Cloud PBX system, as the number that you get from us will follow you for life, regardless which part of the world you are move to.


Cost Saving up till 50%

Many Service provider are charging monthly rental fee of RM50 for each line or some even giving you for free, however it’s don’t have all PBX feature in place, so you simply cannot use it for your business. With Cloud PBX our plan are start from RM8/month with one DID number, extension and channel, if would like to add more, simply add RM4 for an extension and channel, so that you can expand your business slowly and pay as you use. No setup cost and buys a phone from us; you can start your business right away. So why wait sign up today to enjoy 10% discount on selected IP phone only. term and condition apply.*

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