FAQ Phone Number


A 1300 number is the ideal marketing solution if you’re looking to enhance your business image and increase caller response. This service allows your customers to easily contact you on one number from anywhere. Thus, you can expand your business coverage instantly. With a 1 300, customers can call your business from a fixed line for the cost of a local call from anywhere in Malaysia. The cost of the telephone call is split between the caller and the recipient.



A 1800 can be indispensable asset to your business. Besides giving your business a nationwide presence, it lends credibility to your business as well. The biggest benefit is they allow customers to call from a fixed line to your business without being charged for the call. If a customer calls 1 800 from their mobile, they are only charged the local call rate.





  •  Lift your business brand. They give your business a national presence and enhance your brand image.
  •  They help centralize your business. It doesn't matter if your employees are spread out all over the country, you'll still only need one contact number.
  •  They make it easy (and free) for your customers to remember your number and call you from all over the country, making it more likely they'll call you.
  •  Cost-effective inbound marketing solution.Try this: use a dedicated 1 800 number for each of your marketing campaigns and track the success of each by where the calls are coming from.
  •  Get access to features like call forwarding, unlimited extensions, and voicemail.
  •  Best of all, they grow with your business. Changing phone systems? No worries, you can still keep your number and all the great benefits!

Help Topic 

How can i buy a number?

Start by signing up for a free account.

During the sign up, you can select some numbers for a free trial.  You can also select additional numbers that you want to buy right away.

You will be offered to keep the free trial numbers later. If you do not keep them, they will be automatically removed from your account.

After signing up you can always buy more numbers by clicking on “Buy number” after signing  

How many numbers can I have ?

There is no limitation.

You can have one phone number or tens of thousands of phone numbers – in one or many different countries.

It’s up to you.

What does it cost?

The easiest way to find out is to look in our price list. But here are the general principles.

The following charges apply to all phone numbers:

Monthly fee

All phone numbers have a monthly fee (from $1.49).

You can reduce the monthly cost with up to 55% by opting for a longer subscription.

Call forwarding cost

If you forward the incoming call to a mobile phone number or other number there is always a call forwarding cost – usually at the cost of a local call.

If you have Premium – call forwarding is free in many countries.


The following charges apply to only a few numbers:

  • One time set-up fee
  • Some more expensive numbers and “Gold numbers” (easy-to-remember numbers) come with a one time set-up fee.
  • Per minute fee for incoming calls.
  • Toll free numbers and a few others – such as numbers in China, Alaska and Hawaii – have an additional per minute fee for incoming calls.

What is the cost of forwarding calls?

The cost of forwarding calls is exactly the same as the cost of making calls.

As an example: If you get an incoming call to a US number and forward it to a mobile number in India – the cost of the call forwarding to India is exactly the same as the cost of making a call to India.

How can I answer incoming calls?

You can answer calls with your mobile phone. No app nor software is needed since incoming calls are forwarded to your regular mobile phone number.

Here are the different ways available for answering incoming calls to your numbers.

Forward calls to your regular phone

The standard approach is to forward incoming calls to a phone number anywhere worldwide (mobile or landline) at the cost of a local call.
Answer with Voice response
If you want to sound more professional, you can instead connect the incoming call to a Voice response service (“For sales press 1”) which thereafter can forward the call onward to you or someone else in your team – or take a message.
Answer with IP telephony
You can also answer incoming calls with a standard IP-telephony phone. This includes software apps that can be installed in laptops and mobiles, as well as office phones that you can have on your desk.
You can also (if you are really, really techie) forward incoming calls to a so called SIP-addresses.
Have multiple phones ring at the same time
If you enter multiple phone numbers for call forwarding (your mobile and your home landline etc.) in your personal settings, while perhaps also having multiple IP-telephony phones connected to the service – then they will all ring at the same time when  there is a call for you, giving you the opportunity to pick up the call with any of the phones.

Golden Numbers

Golden phone numbers are phone numbers that are easy to remember and that look great at your web site. They either end with several zeroes, or have many digits of the same type. 

We have golden phone number in stock in most cities and countries. You can browse for them and pick any one you like.

Golden numbers have a higher initial cost, but the monthly cost is the same as for any other numbers in the same city or country.